Redemption & Prize +

Redemption & Prize +

Redemption, Prize & Video Machines Check out our latest Redemption, Prize and Video machines

Shark Park

Players throw balls at the rows of sharks, the more you knock down, the higher the score, the more tickets you win!

H:206cm  W:72cm  D:169cm

Basketball Star

Full size basketball game with attractive multicolour LED lighting.

Available as a multiplayer machine with bonus ticket for the highest score.

H:290cm  W:117cm  D:295cm

Rainbow Basketball

Kiddie basketball game, the more you score the more tickets you win.

H:187cm  W:75cm  D:152cm

Crazy Kitten

Kiddie ball throwing game.

Get the ball inside the trash can when it open, the more you score the more tickets you win.

H:198cm  W:72cm  D:169cm

Funny Monkey

Kiddie ball throwing game.

Throw the ball into the basket held by the monkey.

The more you score, the more tickets you win.

H:196cm  W:87cm  D:172cm

Fast Food Frenzy

Kiddie ball throwing game.

Knock down the rows of potato fries pins, the more you score the more tickets you win.

H:206cm  W:72cm  D:169cm

Konami Dance Dance Revolution A

Dance Dance Revolution A

Orders now being taken for 2022 delivery

With over 600 songs including Avicii Pitbull, Ariana Grande, Pharrell Williams, Zedd.

Larger 42″ screen

H:218cm  W:178cm,  D:228cm

Skill Cut

Skill Cut, where the player must cut the string to win the big prize.

An exciting new skill prize vend machine whereby players only need to cut a small thin piece of string to win the big prize which can fill the whole machine!

The prize is hung on a string inside the machine and players must press and hold a button, guiding the ‘cutter’s and only letting go once the string is between the metal cutters. If they successfully cut the string, they win the big prize!

Optional Redemption feature available.

Available in five different colours: Blue, Light Blue, Green, Pink and Yellow

H:208cm  W:82cm  D: 91cm

Castle Attack

Throw the basketballs into the hole to defeat the monsters.

Up to 2 players can play.  Player can work together, or competitively to defend the castle.

H:285cm  W:133cm  D:202cm

Space Shooter

Players press the button to hit the ball/capsule off the moving carousel into the hole to win the prize.

Available in different colours Blue, Green and Pink.

H: 199cm  W:72cm  D:86cm

Drop a Winner Deluxe

Drop the capsule into one of the three winning holes.

Can be set to prize every time.

Available in Blue, Green and Pink.


H:202cm  W:80cm  D:90cm

Ball Paradise 4 Player

Press the button to get the ball/capsule off the moving carousel into the hole.

H: 2020  W:140cm  D140cm

Drop A Winner

Drop A Winner, where the player must skilfully drop a ball into a winning hole to win the prize.

An exciting skill prize vending game whereby players must simply press a button at the right moment to drop a ball/capsule onto a rotating platform with three raised win holes.

If they are unsuccessful, the prize falls into a losing hole and is recycled back into the machine. A prize is won by successfully dropping the capsule into one of the three winning holes.

Presented with LEDS, bright colours, lots of fun for all the family in any family entertainment centre or single site.
The machine is available with Prize vending and redemption features, such as mercy tickets.


H: 202cm W: 77cm D: 100cm

Hit & Smash

Hit & Smash – A classic carnival game brought to coin op!

Players must throw the balls and ‘Hit & Smash’ the mechanical bottles and every time a bottle is knocked down, points are earned and accumulated. Players have to clear three stages to win the big bonus prize!

If players accumulate enough points and exceed the target score, they will progress to the next stage for the opportunity to win the big Super Bonus prize*

Extra points are awarded for ‘smashing’ over the smaller bottles – the more points earned, the more tickets that can be won!

Link two machines together for players to compete against each other with the winner receiving the tickets!

H:264cm  W:103cm  D:248cm

GoGo Chicken

GoGo Chicken, is a capsule vending machine that can also thrive in a redemption market with its ticket dispensing unit.

By inserting a coin, the theatre and the attraction begins, with unique sounds and the clucking hen movements. Then with the final melody and sound, the hen lifts up to lay the Capsule which drops into the tray or it pays out the tickets depending on the settings.

GoGo Chicken offers operators the chance to set a mix of payout combinations of prize vend, ticket redemption or a combination of both with bonus payouts, which gives it a unique standing in the prize vend and redemption market

GoGo Chicken also has a unique design that allows it to dispense a range of capsules with dimensions from 45mm, which is ideal for operators who would rather have an increased capacity, up to maximum of 100mm for the bigger prizes.
With an eye catching colourful metal cabinet, attractive top header with LED Lighting and with extra visibility from three sides in brightly coloured frames, GoGo Chicken will also provide durability for many years.

GoGo Chicken is a big hit as players are entertained with the theatre mode, sounds and clucking noises, and is a must for anywhere there are families including FEC’s, bowling centres, shopping centres, theme parks and pubs.

H:186cm  W:63cm  D:66cm

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