Redemption & Cranes

Redemption & Cranes

Redemption machines and Cranes Check out our latest Redemption machines and cranes

Convert your Astra Cat D Wow multiplayers from cash to redemption ticket payout

**Exclusive to blue monkey**

Convert your Astra Wow Cat D multiplayer machines from cash payout to redemption ticket payout.

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Key to Success

4 player pusher machine switchable to either All Cash or Cash with Ticket Bonus pay-out.

2p Play or 10p Play

Stunning design with the player able to win coins plus tickets plus prizes, including jewellery style boxes which may contain a toy or a coloured key which gives the player access to a choice of prizes corresponding to the key colour

W – 1380 * D – 1162 * H – 2455mm

Skill Cut Crane

Skill Cut, where the player must cut the string to win the big prize.

An exciting new skill prize vend machine whereby players only need to cut a small thin piece of string to win the big prize which can fill the whole machine!

The prize is hung on a string inside the machine and players must press and hold a button, guiding the ‘cutter’s and only letting go once the string is between the metal cutters. If they successfully cut the string, they win the big prize!

Ticket or Non Ticket redemption.

Available in five different colours: Blue, Light Blue, Green, Pink and Yellow

H:208cm  W:82cm  D: 91cm

Ocean Party

2 Player positions redemption game, suitable for all ages.

Players vend the small balls onto the upper playfield via a start button. Balls push from top deck onto either the bottom deck or into a saucer. Bottom deck balls can then push over the edge with the chance of rolling into one of five winning positions awarding the stated amount of tickets or into one of five holes in the saucer. Illuminating all five lights will automatically vend a larger glass ball onto the lower deck

Larger balls over the edge will roll along to a moving step, this carries the ball up the step and releases to fall into a winning hole on a rotating big wheel feature with the player having the chance of big prizes such as Double Tickets – 50, 100, 200, 300 Free pearls, Bonus Light. Collecting all Bonus lights awards the jackpot total.

W – 1430 * D – 1880 * H – 2160mm

Candy Falls

Candy Falls is the fast paced redemption game.

Player releases balls to fall into the cups, the more balls in the cups within the operator set time the more tickets you win.

Video screen to aid attraction and play

Superb colours and sounds attracting the player

W – 980mm * D – 1110 * H – 2747

Rainbow Crane

Rainbow- Crane – Claw machine

Amazing new All- Glass Cabinet design with striking graphics and lighting.

Available in Red, Yellow, Blue or Orange.

Prize Every Time Option available

Moulded LED Lit Signage

27 Years experience in Crane Manufacturing

W – 900 * D – 800 * H – 2380


The Must Have Redemption Piece

100% Skill based game in the Volcano cabinet with an eye catching design.

Challenging gameplay.  Pull back the lever and release, with jackpot and bonus scores.

Attractive LED lighting effects and volcano music.

H:242cm  W:124cm  D:223cm

Basketball Star

Full size basketball game with attractive multicolour LED lighting.

Available as a multiplayer machine with bonus ticket for the highest score.

With attract music and sound effects along with superb LED lighting creating stunning effects.

Redemption ticket machine.

H:290cm  W:117cm  D:295cm

Jungle Hockey

Kiddie Air Hockey.

With attract music and sound effects along with superb LED lighting.

Redemption ticket machine.


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